Kirichenko Konstantin music literature


21 May 2020

"Autumn Daydreaming"

"Autumn Daydreams" - suite for piano in 4 parts (Prelude. Noveletta. Romance. Toccata)
... Which of us did not indulge in autumn dreams? Each of them has their own ... That's why the composer limits himself only to the general program name of the suite, while leaving only its genre orientation behind its parts, which is not characteristic of most of his large-scale works. The lyric - dramatic image is felt already at the very beginning of the music. images permeate every part of the play and find their bright manifestation in the culmination, so to speak of the finale: in the final part (“Toccata”). Parts are significantly different from each other in technical terms, contrast in the textured presentation. “Prelude” is the easiest part of the cycle, therefore, as a separate miniature, it can be recommended even to novice pianists (junior classes of children's music schools) “Toccata” - the most difficult and lengthy part of a piece of music. This piece is written in the form of rondo. It is replete with spectacular passages characteristic of the genre, interesting rhythmic turns, a variety of dynamic nuances. A special "highlight" in the disclosure of the image and character, as a single part and the whole suite, are ostinate bass and fermats (pauses). "Autumn Dreams" can be an excellent teaching tool (piano) for students in primary and secondary classes of children music schools. Welcome to the world of piano music by Konstantin Kirichenko!